First year of Parenthood 

Last month on the 12th of January we celebrated Spencer and Patrick’s first birthday. This means that my partner and I survived our first year as parents. We are absolutely enjoying every minute of being multiple parents. We wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been hard, stressful, busy and  amazing.

Spencer and Patrick have made being multiple parents super easy as they are laid-back little men who have made my life amazing. 

This is Patrick Jude. 

This is Spencer James

Spencer and Patrick have become a very adventures little men. They are starting to pull themselves up on everything and starting to move around on the furniture and anything that they can hold on to. My partner and I are really enjoying this stage as we get to watch them move from one milestone to the next. 

We are having a party for them next weekend so that all the family and friends can celebrate the first year with us. We have picked the theme NAUTICAL. As this is how their room is decorated . 

 Hopefully I get everything I have mentioned done before the weekend. 

I have covered their used formula tins in NAUTICAL colours with material. We are also trying to make banners for their high chairs for when they have their first taste of birthday cake. I am also hopefully making a banner saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY with the nautical theme material on heashen material. I feel like I’m going over board but our boys only turn ONE once. 

My partner and I can’t wait to do all different things with the boys like the Zoo, travelling to NSW for Christmas, we also might travel up to the qld and travel around AUSTRALIA to visit family and friends we might as well do it in the next couple of years before they start school maybe when they are four or five then go to school when they turn six.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this first year.  We are totally greatful. Hopefully you will still be around for us and the boys. 

One year on and still want to be playing with the same thing at the same time. 

Best friends for life. 

Brotherly love. 

I absolutely love having my two boys in my life you have saved Mumma and Dadda. We love you so much. 

Love you all xx