Home and Work life Balance with children.

Well I started back at work in June this year and it’s hard trying to keep the balance between home and work equal. I am absolutely struggling with how to cook, clean,do the dishwasher and washing clothes. I have decided that when the boys are sleeping from now on that I need to get things done around the house. 

I’m going to start making a list of the jobs that need to get done everyday. I will try and make dinner every second night so that we are eating again as that stopped for a while as I didn’t know how to use my time when the boys are asleep during the day. 

Yesterday I made dinner when the boys were playing together after their nap. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I might need to get into cooking every other day so I don’t have to do it when I’m working. 

Next year I will be working in a BABIES room in a Childcare centre which is going to be great but hard when I have my own babies at home but I’m a very good and productive person I can make this work for all parties. 

I have been trying to advertise for a company that helps people become healthy about their lives. But I don’t think I am inspiring people enough about the product.  

I absolutely love taking my magic beans as they have helped my mental health and gives me enough energy to enjoy playing with the boys and being able to get up and go to work. 

The moment I started the magic beans I started feeling not so depressed about being a mother as now I’m loving being a mother and it’s the best thing that I have done in my life. I would really recommend these magic beans if you have no energy, motivation , hair is not growing, nails keep braking, you get brake outs when you are run down or stressed. 

Please get in contact with me and I will tell you how much these magic beans have saved my life. I love my magic beans.