Sleeping babies

Recently I have been noticing a lot of post on Facebook about your baby/child won’t sleep. These post are asking for advice and not to be picked on for the way they put their child/children to bed. From the moment my twin boys came home I would make so much noise so that they can sleep in any situation. Lately they have been hard to put to sleep so I have started controlled crying and works you have to be persistant with this method. I also put the boys down every two hours which helps them as they are tired after those two hours of begin awake. 

I also let them explore their surroundings like outside because I feel like fresh air helps them not be as sick. We all love being outside when the weather is beautiful as it helps you feel better about yourself. I feel the same with babies as they get cranky sometimes when they spend all day inside.

Today my partner and I will be putting up a cubby house which looks like a castle. I took it from work because they were going to through it away. I hope the boys enjoy it as much as the kids at work did. I can’t wait for them to start crawling in and out of the cubby. 

The boys are 10 months today so look out for the 10 month photo. I have also been taking my magic beans for 8 or more months now and I feel so much better than I did this time last year. I know I was pregnant this time last year but I always felt grumpy and didn’t feel like I was Caitlin I was just pregnant. But I feel like myself again and if I was to get pregnant again I would definantly be taking my magic beans to help with making me feel like me, staying healthy, keeping fit, hopefully not getting gestational diabetes next time around because my diet is better than it was with the twins. 

I hope that I do become pregnant again in the next few years as I  really enjoy being a mothe, but if it doesn’t happen again I have e most beautiful amazing boys I could have ever dreamed of. 
I have a routine that works amazingly if followed. I will write my routine down here so that everyone can see it. 
Boys Routine:

7-7:30 am              Wake up 

                                                         Bottle (150mls) 



9-9:30                       Nap time 
                                                          Wake up from nap

11:30 12pm                                      Lunchtime with water


                                                           Bottle (150mls) 

1:00-1:30pm       Nap time 

3:00                                                 Wake up from nap

                                                          Bottle (150mls)


 5:00                      Nap time if needed

5:30-6:00 pm     Dinner time 

                                                          Bath time (twice a week or less) 

                                                           Stories/ quite time (no television) 

                                                           Bottle 100mls

7:00-7:30pm       Bedtime 

                                                            White noise on

                                                            Sleep suits on 

                                                            Lights out 

Now it’s my partner and my time to just be with each other.