Saving for years to come. 

My boys first Christmas I’m thinking of just getting the boys some books and clothes. I was wondering if that is enough. I feel like these boys with be spoilt by everyone else and my partner and I can spoil them with time not money as we don’t have a lot. But in the next couple of months I will be starting a bank account for the boys so that I can save for Christmas, birthdays, dentist visits, school books, school fees and anything else they need to help them stay healthy and happy. 
I need to write a list of the things I would like to start setting up for the boys. How much money do other parents put into the bank for their later years. I was thinking 100 dollars so 50 each. I think that’s fair enough. 

Saving is hard for someone who doesn’t have much money but I will be doing it and going without something as my boys are my life now and I have to give them the best life that I can possible give them. One day when I’m old and have wrinkles I hope that my boys will take care of me as I did for them. 

I’m hoping to make their first Christmas special but it’s more for my partner and I watching them open their presents. I will have to get them a stocking so that Santa knows where to put their gifts as he might get mixed up as the boys look the same. Now I have to look up where to buy Santa stockings.