Last day of the holidays. 

On Sunday the 30th of October we left at 4am in the morning for a flight to Vanuatu. First flight we boarded in Melbourne to Sydney then get on another flight to Port Vila which is in Vanuatu. We all climbed into the ute which is left hand drive so you have to drive on the right side of the road. The hire car has a skicker to say to stay on the right. Took all days to get here then when we arrive we got list looking for the house we were staying in. The boys had enough so we stopped and some of the local people heard the boys crying so they helped us find the Vila we were staying in. 

Day two: 

Was spend in bed all day as the boys were up and down all night. I would get up and check on the boys but then I would go back to bed and sleep. 

Day Three:

We went into a place for the Melbourne Cup then came home to see the boys as they stayed with grandad. 

Day Four: 

My partner and I drove into port Vila and went to the market and have a walk around the town. 

Wedding day: 

Today was the big day. It was a amazing structure where the ceremony took place. It was going to be a hotel but ran out of money. It was amazing looking place with different lines and curves. My sisters sang while my dad played the guitar while the bride walked down the isle towards the groom.

Day six: 

Today we had a luncheon with all the family and friends and then tomorrow we get two planes home again. 

During this holidays I have been taking my juice plus magic beans everyday. I lost my voice for a couple of weeks and got it back as soon as I arrived here in Port Vila. 

I really enjoyed my time on my mini holiday with my little family as well as the extended family.