Mummies working from HOME

I don’t normally do these on my blog as I just want this to be about my journey, BUT I can’t help thinking of what this could be for all those other mums/dads that have been or are in a similar situation as where I was. I’m feeling so amazing and thankful for where I’m heading. I’d love to help other mum/dads stay at home as long as possible with their babies and just feel down right amazing. I love that I’m working towards staying at home watching my boys grow. 

If you want some information on how you can feel as amazing as me and stay at home rasing your babies with out using Childcare because you will be looking after your own children while you watch them learn something new everyday. I would be happy to help you with living your dream by being a stay at home mum/dad. 

I started helping others feel as amazing as I am feeling everyday. I am enjoying helping others, I also would like to help other mums/dads by showing them what this business is all about as it’s helping me achieve my many goals and dreams that I have always dream and wanted when I started having my own children. 

I work in Childcare two days a week and hopefully going to be able to stop working for someone else and to enjoy my own life with my family. I am hoping that this new way of life helps me support my family and hopefully being able to get my partner to stop working and worrying about how we are going to pay for everything that we all need to get through this life as it’s hard trying to make ends meat lately. 

Please comment with love and I will help you by becoming your own boss.