Experience something new together. 

In a week tomorrow we are going on a big family holiday. We haven’t had a family holiday since 2010 when we all went to Bali. This time we are going to Vanuatu for a family member’s wedding. We are still waiting on my partners passport. We are hoping that it arrives this week as we are going on Sunday the 30th of October. I am looking forward to having my partner experience something new that he hasn’t done before. I hope he enjoys it so that we can continue to travel with the boys and experience the world together as a family. 

The holiday is going to be the best most amazing experience for myself,my partner and the boys as we are all experiencing it together as our first ever family holiday. I can’t wait to take them all swimming in the warm ocean and experiencing new situations which would happen in Australia. I have lived overseas before and would like to do it together with my partner and boys as it has made me realise that there is more to the world than just our city Melbourne, Australia. 

I will look into living aboard with my family so we can hopefully make a difference towards the world peace and help disadvantaged people who just want someone who doesn’t judge them on how and where the live. I would like to show my family where I used to live in Papua New Guinea but the place has become very dangerous for expatriates. 

In January the boys will be turning ONE. This year has had its up and downs but more ups. I have really enjoyed becoming a twin parents to the most amazing little men that my partner and I made in June 2015 and watching them grow from nothing into two babies inside my tummyevery ultrasound was an experience. They have made my partner and my life together amazing watching them grow and change every day. 

Before we had the boys my family and I weren’t very close because of men taking advantage of my good nature and making me think that my family were against me but now I relize that the man telling me this was a manipulating my thoughts ,a.ctions and feelings towards my family who love and adore me with everything even the mistakes that I make in life. The most important decision that I made was to have the twins and it was the best most amazing decision that I have made in my life ever. 

Very excited for the new experiences that my family and I will be able to experience in the years to come as the boys becoming older and wanting to learn. I hope that my juice plus business gets up and running so that we can travel and earn as we go. If you want to join me with starting a business to stay at home with my family and so that my partner will ever able to stop his job and stay at home with us to watch our family experience new and exciting things in life. Wifi and a dream will help us be stay at home parents traveling the world with the boys.