Magic beans and how you have to take them each day or you feel like your old self again and you don’t want that. 

Well for the last couple of days I hav not been taking my magic beans and I can tell that you haven’t been taking them. I have been sleeping a lot and I feel so bad for sleeping while my family are here and I’m not looking after the boys and they are while I sleep. I wish I woke up while they were here so I could spend some time with them but I haven’t been feeling very well so that’s why I’ve been sleeping a lot. 

Yesterday I took the beans again and I will keep taking them as they really do help me feel better about myself and I don’t sleep as much and I get to see my family when they visit me and my little family. I have been going for extra long walks with the boys and I don’t care if I go for a walk and get wet as it is part about of Mother Nature. Today I plan on walking to my work so that my new director can see how much the boys have grown. 

I ain to be walking for an hour today. I’m going to go to my work which is on the Nepean Hwy in Mt Matha then I’ll walk back via Bentons Square which is on Dunns Rd all the way to Main Street and home again. Which is 4.8 kms there and 4.8 kms back so all up I will be walking 9.6 kms. Which is a decent walk. I have been going for decent walks recently as I feel like it helps with my wellbeing and just being happy with life as life is hard enough. 

My partner and I are looking for a four bedroom house to rent as the house we are in is getting knocked down in the next few months. I am stressing about how we are going to pay the bond and first month rent. The boys are one in a few months and also trying to organise what to do for their FIRST BIRTHDAY and to also celebrate that my partner and I survived this first year as everyone says that it’s the hardest year ever. 

I’m also doing an 8 week shread or I am trying too. This is also why I’m trying to walk so much and that I have a dress that I would like to fit in for my uncles wedding in Vanuatu in 2 weeks. For the first time in a while I am happy with how I look and what I look like. Which is a massive deal for me as I haven’t loved myself in a very long time. I’m glad that I have lost 11 kgs and that I’m keeping it off and not putting any weight on. 

Eat the colours (fruits and vegetables and berries)of the rainbow