Twin mum life

Well here goes I’m a first time mother of twin boys who are just the most amazing little people that I love and adore. They make life difficult  when they not want to sleep during the night. Last night I was up at 1am, 2am then 3 am when I put them into the pram because they didn’t like being in their own beds so tonight I’m going to try sleep training so that they get back into a routine because it’s hard when the routine changes because the next few days I’m sleep deprived because they cry and cry for what seems like a very long time which in actual fact it’s probably not even as long as I think it is. 

Today was the start of the new routine which has been amazing today but then we get to 7-7.30 and I am doing controlled crying on the boys because i have had enough of having babies who are overtired that they don’t know that they are ok. 

I feel like the worst mother letting my him cry but in the long run it will help us all as they will become amazing sleepers. My mother did controlled crying on me and I can sleep through everything even the smoke alarm. Which is bad I know. One is asleep and the other one I’m waiting on as he is so tied he just won’t let himself just go to sleep. I’m going to have a big week this week with this new routine and the controlled crying. 

I’m also in the next week starting an 8 week shred to continue losing weight and becoming healthy and fitter for when my boys start walking and running so I can keep up with them. I have also lost 11 kgs while taking my magic beans, I’m so proud of myself as I have been trying to get down to a weight that I would feel comfortable, confident, be able to wear smaller clothes, love myself even more as I have hated myself for to long that I have decided that I am beautiful, caring, loving towards others that it’s my turn to start living and loving my life.