Exercising with the boys 

The boys and I have been going for a walk which starts at our house, we walk up main st, turn onto the Nepean hwy then we walk up tanti ave then we walk all the way back home.  This walk consists of hills and dips, checking for traffic, checking how many steps, kms, calories we have burnt during our walk. We will do this walk or try to exercise everyday so that we can optimise the weight loss potential as exercise helps with weight loss as well as mental health as it gets you out and about and not thinking about what you start to think about being stuck between the same four walls you see everyday. 

So tomorrow is the 7/10/2016 so I will be going for an extra long walk with the boys tomorrow as one of them has a viral infection which has caused him to have a rash. I will enjoy spending time with them out in the fresh air which will help with the infection. 

I’m so excited to be able to enjoy my twin boys when I don’t work. I would love to not be a working mum but as a family we can’t afford that . I also enjoy being with other people and having conversations with them about their lives. 

For our walk tomorrow I think we will go a different way so we can explore more of where we live. I’m also going to try to do this total body toning stroller workout tomorrow. I would like to complete it once so to see if I can continue with this stroller workout.