Helping other people out and reaching out to my friends as I also need them and they probably need me… 

Well today a friend put out that she needed help so I put my hand up and told her I would help her. I feel so amazing after telling her I would help her. I have been trying to do something for someone else as I have had so much help with the boys so I thought I would put a hand out and help someone else as I need to extend the village so that other friends can relie on me because I feel like I have lost all my friends because I’m to busy looking after the boys as well as working. 

I need to invite my friends around to visit or I go to them as I am missing having my friends to talk to and help in their lives as I need to tell them that I am always here even if I am putting the boys down or feeding them lunch or bathing them, I always have time for my friends as they are also important to me as my little family is as well. 

I want to apologise to my best friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time. I have been thinking about you every second of the day even if I don’t tell you. I really need you to know that I am still here. I know I don’t call but I have been feeling like you didn’t want to talk to me. I know life gets busy and I should think of that and not that you don’t want o talk to me. 

If anyone is free during the days that I don’t work I would love to catch up and hang out even go for a walk and talk and even grab a drink along the way. I have missed my friends and need to socialise as I have been distancing myself from the world and I shouldn’t be doing this as I feel like I have lost everyone I care about now that I have the twin boys. 

Please know that I am only a phone call away and I know that my friends are the same. I should put the invite out there. 

Please forgive me my friends. I still want and need you.