Grand final eve 

Today my partner and I worked together as a team and it was an amazing day. I have decided to go with the flow so I don’t get stressed because in the last couple of weeks I have been not a nice person to my partner. I have decided that I need to let him in as they are his children as well. 

I need to let people help us look after the boys because my partner and I need to go and be ourselves because lately it’s Ben all about the boys who I love but I’m neglecting my partner and that’s why we are not as good as we could be. Lately I have been feeling like I have been making all the wrong decisions and I get all upset because something bad happens, that could of been avoided.

  •  I need to slow and just think about what I’m about to do. 
  • Will something bad happen? 
  • Think before you do what you are about to do
  • Ask for help if you can’t do it without something bad happening. 

I went for an 1 hour and 27 minutes which was 7,824 steps. All those steps add up to 6.5 km. The boys and I walked 6.5 km on our first longer walk. We normally just walk down to the pier and back home so I decided that, the walk we do isn’t long enough so I walked up main St and along the Nepean hwy down to tanti ave back home. I had to change my shoes so we could continue down to the supermarket. 

At the supermarket I bought

  • Vita weeks
  • An avocado
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries 
  • And bananas 

I was going to eat some tonight but I got to busy folding clothes so I decided not to eat as it was after 7. I have been drinking so much water today that it’s not funny how many times I go to the toilet. (Sorry TMI.) The boys are back into routine again after the 5 days away. I thought that I would of had a bad night but last night and tonight have been so much better than when we were away. I need to write down my routine so that when we are away in Vanuatu, we don’t have up and down every  night that we are away for.

I love my partner the way he is because he makes me laugh, smile, get frustrated but all these things are the reasons I love him.