Day 39

Today a friend came over to hang out and have a coffee. We spoke about how hard it is ajusting to becoming a mum. Us mums need to stick together because we need all the support we can get. I know we have our partners or some are doing both roles good on those mums, they need a pat on the back as I would think that it would be hard work but oh so rewarding. 

 I really enjoyed having my friend come over with her twins (boy and girl.) It made my week because I got to hang out and talk to her. I like having people visit me as I get to interact with adults and talk about adult things. I enjoy going out and about so when ever anyone is free we can get together. 

I am enjoying being a twin mum as I get to watch two little people try to develop skills like crawling, sitting, grasping, holding, picking up, rolling and much more, it is double the work but I have been blessed with two amazing boys and wouldn’t change it for anything. 

I have only discovered that I enjoy life more and more because of the beans. I used to not enjoy doing these like walking, running, squats, any exercise for at matter but now I have the gap bridged with the magic beans my life is so much better. My life is amazing with the boys my partner and the magic beans. 

My partner is asking me for the magic beans now. He has been having them but he didn’t even relize but now he wants them every morning. I am also going to order the berry capsules as well as shakes. I love feeling this amazing. I feel like I can take anything life, partner, boys throw my way as these are helping me be the best person I can be.