Day 37 of the Magic Beans 

Today I decided to post about what I was like in 2010 till now. Looking back at the picture of me in 2010 makes me sick everytime I see it, but it’s a good reminder of what I was like due to poor eating habits. Now that I have lost all the weight I feel amazing and I just need to tell my self that I can get down to my goal weight slowly and carefully, just takes time. I am really enjoying taking Ng the JP magic beans as they make me feel, happier, healthier, motivated, energetic. I am also enjoying that my nails,hair and skin are so much better from the magic beans. 

I’m going to be having 2 babies crawling around soon as they are getting up onto there hands and knees, they are rocking back and forward, that’s the start of the new chapter in our lives. Now it’s time to baby lock everything they can open and get into.

I’m dreading having to do this stage with two. 

Here are some photos of me battling my weight problem. This weight problem happen after school because at scholars I was bullied so I didn’t even care about myself back then but here we are 8 years on and I have let go of all the hurtful words that were spoken about me. 

In 2010 I had lap band, I now wish that I had gone with the sleeve Surgery but at the time I thought it was too drastic but in the next couple of months when my business takes off I am going to get health cover and go see the surgeon about the sleeve and get it done once and for all while I’m still fit and healthy, I want to do this because I want to be able to run and kick the ball with the boys when they are able too do that. 

So my goals are to 

  • Get health insurance then wait a year and get the sleeve surgery 
  • Go see the surgeon about the sleeve 
  • Keep taking my Magic Beans and shakes. 

These first photos are from my sisters debutant ball in 2009 

This photo is a contrast of what 8 years can do to a person. 

No glasses this photo was taken in 2009 

Glasses was taken today 18th of September 2016

What a difference? 

I love myself now more than I ever did. These photos are from today. What dose everyone think about the transformation from 2009 to 2016?