Day 34 of the Magic Beans

Today a friend said to me ” Excuse me where is your blog, you promised daily not weekly when you first started so please go back to doing daily updates.” I said ” I would go back to doing them Daily instead of weekly. I do remember to do the blog daily, so I better keep my promise and do the blog Daily. 

Today at work I was full of energy because of the Magaic Beans. I also got very cross and grumpy at people not sharing and thinking that they own everyting in their rooms, that it’s not everyone else’s just the room that it’s in. 

Everyone I saw today said that I looked healthy and that my skin was looking amazing. I hope that I continue to look like like this. I might be getting another lovely person to join the juice plus team by purchasing some of our amazing, little magic beans. She has been giving by myself a sample pack that she has been taking which has made her purchase them from me. She has a few friends who are interested in purchasing them from me as well. I have got my drive back for help others be happy and healthy in their lives like I’m doing in mine.

These are a few things that have been happening to herself from taking them.  

  • Jump out of bed.
  • Her legs no longer hurt all day. 
  • She is losing weight.
  • She is buying fruit and veggies instead of packaged meals. 
  • Has more energy
  • Isn’t tired or sore after her shift at wok. 

My dad has almost resolved the cough. He is now back riding his bike to work after being off for so long. 

I’m so excited to be able to give a few friends and family a new lease on life.