Day 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 of the “superhero beans”Magic Beans

I have been seeing a lot of my friends join me on the Magic Beans and seeing that their children don’t want junk food anymore, how amazing is that. I’m so impressed with myself as I have been cooking. 

Yesterday and today I made mini quiches for myself and my partner Daniel. Daniel took some to work, at lunchtime when he pulled the quiches out to eat them a friend said “Caitlin should make more of those so we can have some. That is what I did tonight I made so many for our household and Daniel to take to work. 

In the quiches I put 

  • Eggs
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Ham

I placed all those ingredients into the pastry that I had cut into squares and placed them in a cupcake tray then put it in the oven to change cook. I am so excited that I have made something that is not only healthy but it’s something that I can eat. 

I’m going to try to have SUNDAY as a preparation day where all I do is cook good healthy meals for the whole house hold to eat. I will be freezing them in portions so that it’s quick and easy but still healthy at the same time. My house hold contains 4 ADULTS and 2 CHILDREN. We are capable of cooking for ourself but it might be nice if when I’m cooking I make enough for everyone including the children. 

I am enjoying these amazing “superhero beans” as I’m a happier, healthier mummy and partner. I have also been  able to play, bath, feed, enjoy, love my boys Spencer and Patrick when I’m not at work. 

The other day I was able to help out a friend by working for her at her occasional care in rosebud it’s called “Round and round the garden.” look her up on Facebook if you need your child cared for a few hours. I took the boys to her centre with me and the boys enjoyed being around children of different ages. I’ll get to the point, if I didn’t take my “superhero beans” that morning before I started my day I wouldn’t have made it through the day as it was a hard yet rewarding day as I got the respect from the children from only being there for a couple of hours. 

I’m going away for a little holiday in a week on Friday, I’m so excited about going to the beach and relaxing with the boys while they have their first little mini holiday befor the big holiday in November when we travel to Vanuatu for my uncles wedding. On the mini holiday the boy will be meeting my mums side of the family. I’m just so excited to see the family as I haven’t seen them for ages. 

I will be taking my superhero beans with me on the trip so they can see what all the amazing results like I have recive in the