This is day 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 of the Magic Beans journey. 

Well I’m sorry I haven’t done a blog in the last couple of days as I have been busy with life. I’m a new mum as well as trying to pay attention to my partner who hasn’t worked for a very long time so he is adjusting to work life as well as new home life as a parent. We are trying to do everything and we are getting deeper into a big hole, but with one step at a time everything will work out and we will be bigger and stronger than ever before.  Every new thing I have started has fallen by the way side because family life is getting more and more hectic, we are soon to have crawlers not just one but two.

My sister in law and I have decided to start a new eating program as we don’t have time in our busy lives to make dinner, we are going to pay someone to pre prepare our meals for the whole household this is so we everyone is eating a balanced healthy diet rather than take away because of our busy lives with work, school and twins.

I know that having twins isn’t an excuse not to be able to prepare and cook meals a week in advance but I don’t have all the time in the world with working two days and looking after the boys , my partner and of course myself the rest of the week. As it’s  non stop in this household.  My sister in law and I will be getting a personal trainer to come to our house once a week to train us because we don’t have the confidence to be doing it with a group just yet. I will try to go to the group sessions as soon as I lose a little but more weight so I can’t feel better about myself, and to be confident in front of others as well.

The magic beans are helping with my energy and to be able to function in day to day tasks that I need to get done. I enjoy the beans as its helping with bridging the gap between the meals I prepare with vegetables , the other meals that don’t have vegetables or fruits in them.

I have also been giving them to the twin boys to help with their sensitive skin to clear up the rash left behind by dribble and milk that I miss when I clean their faces up from drinking and sleep. The beans have made a massive improvement in their skin. I will continue this until they are older enough to enjoy having a sneaky treat (chewables fruits and veggies) which they will think is a lollie.

I will be blogging weekly from now on as I think that daily is a bit too much for me at the moment will all the other things I need to remember during the day. I hope you still read it when its weekly but if you have objections about it not being daily I will try to blog daily. Just let me know so I can change it.


  • I love my clear skin
  • I love that my hair is growing
  • I love that my nails are growing
  • I love that my eyes are clearer
  • I love that it’s all natural
  • I love that my boys can’t have it
  • I love that it has helped my parents feel better within themselves
  • I love the energy they provide for myself in my busy life moments
  • I enjoy being able to keep the weight off
  • I enjoy the motivation they give me

They have improved my life dramatically in the 25 days that I have been taking them because the days I forget to take them I have no energy,motivation, drive to do anything that needs to be done just to help me for the following day.

Going to do this every day ( or try too) for the health of my heart. Maybe I can get the boys to join in as well. (they might be still a little to young to join in) but I am going to give it a good go even if it’s just myself. I am also going to try and complete a circuit workout each day.