Day 22 of the Magic beans

Today was a big day. We celebrated Father’s Day by driving to Four pillars in hillsville in the Yarra valley. The boys and I had a great day with my family. I wish we would do more family outings that include my partner as he is now part of the family. 

Last night I got all the boys stuff ready so this morning was easy just get in the car and go. This morning the boys woke up had breakfast a bottle and off we went for our day. 

But I forgot to take my magic beans this morning so I had to have a coffee for my energy today. 

When we got home I took them to help my body overnight. 

After I put the boys to bed after the big day put all the stuff away and got into bed. I’m so tired I could sleep for days. I hope the boys sleep all night. Not like last night, they were both in my bed at different times. 

Well goodnight, hopefully we have a great day tomorrow as it is FAM BAM DAY for Daniel the boys and I. We are off to see a production my friend directored called Into The Woods. Can’t wait to see it.