Day 18 of the Magic Beans 

Today I had work and I forgot to take my beans, today I didn’t feel full of energy and everything got on my last nerve. I think they help with your general wellbeing and happiness. Tomorrow I will defiantly be taking them tomorrow and everyday after. I feel so much better for having them in my life. 

I have given my mother in law and sister in law some magic beans to try so hopefully they might buy some and continue to feel as amazing as I am feeling. My parents have recently brought some magic beans for themselves as my dad has been sick for months and can’t get rid of the cough/cold. I have heard that they are making him feel so much better and I hope that his body never lets himself get sick from now on with the magic beans on his side. 

I have also been giving the magic beans to my 7month old twins to get rid of the rash that they have got from me as I have eczema and have passed it on to them. At first I was trying everything from sudocrem to sorblene as that is what my mum used on me at this age in winter. After a few days on the beans their rash had gone down and wasn’t as inflamed as it normally was. I will continue to give then half a capsule each in their food so the rash clears up and disappears for good. 

Today has been a had day as I have relized that everyone is looking after themselves and doesn’t think of others as much as I do. I think of others and how I can help them but when it comes to giving it back to me they don’t even think about anything but themselves so that’s why I started taking the magic beans in the first place as I am constantly on the go for everyone so I can’t be sick. I have also started a franchise in the company and trying to build my franchise with my friends and family becoming a lover of the beans as much as I am as I alway want to make others feel better about themselves.

I would love some of you to jump in and chat with me about the magic beans as I feel like they will be able to help you and your family as I have help mine.

Come talk to me I don’t bite. Xx