Day 17 of the magic beans

Today the boys and I spent all day outside expect for their nap time. I really enjoy the sunshine and being able to be happy for my little men. When I had the start of PND I wouldn’t hold them at all. But now I have my beans I’m a happier healthier person.

My life has changed dramatically after starting the magic beans. I enjoy life now I have more energy to be the person I have always been. I love my life now and I’m happy with the way I look I just want to lose the weight so I can run and jump after my two little men as they are getting older. 

The boys and I walked down to the pier and we stop and looked into the ocean. I am getting a bit overwhelmed by trying to keep the house in running order as well as look after the boys as they become more demanding with what they need during the day. But wouldn’t change it for the world. (The magic beans help me with getting everything done.)

I’m glad I started on the beans as it has made me realise that there is more out to live for rather than just trying to cope without sleep and lack of energy,getting sick all the time. I am enjoying my new lease on life and I actually enjoy the boys now. I have loved them since I first new about them but I grow to love them more and more. 
                     The magic beans do all this and heaps more. Why don’t you pm me with some questions and asking me how I order.