Day 16 of the Magic Beans

Well today was AMAZING I ran up a hill which I could never do before having a babies and taking my beans. I ran up and down the hill a total of 11 times. I am so proud of myself. I will continue to do this hopefully everyday. I am in love with the beans as they have bridged the gap of my daily intake for sure. 

I have started giving half a capsule in the boys bottle to help with dry skin which won’t go away with moisturiser. I’m hoping to see a difference with the boys skin. I’m so glad I have a all natural product that won’t hurt them as it’s just vegetables and fruits and berries. 

I have also try the caps in a smoothie which is not that bad. Gives it a honey taste. I am so happy and I owe this happiness to the magic beans and my new found energy so I can use the fuel I put into my body so it’s not stored as fat. 

I am slowing losing weight and I can tell as my clothes are becoming bigger. 

  1. My legs done rub together as much
  2. Clothes are bigger
  3. Skin is amazing
  4. Eyes are clearer
  5. Heaps more energy to get moving. 
  6. Don’t get sick as much as I used too

Everyone that is in my little family is having the magic beans. My parents are starting on it as well because my dad has been sick for 2 months with a really bad cold. 
I am so excited about these beauties. People who would like to know more please pm me. 

I will be running up and down the hill with the boys tomorrow. Probably won’t be able to do 11 but as I tell myself I’m better off moving rather than sitting on the couch.  If anyone would like to come exercise with me pm me and we will get together and get our summer bodies back. Or for my case I will get a beach body as I haven’t had one for as long as I can remember. 

My partner did take photos of my first week on the beans but my phone got sucked on by my child and now it needs a new screen.