Day Ten of the Magic beans 

Today I have had enough energy to enjoy the boys as they were up and down all night last night. The boys and my partner are my world and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

I have done 4 loads of washing, folded and put away, unloaded the dishwasher and packed it again, now the house is tidy again after the long week. 

I enjoy that I have energy to get all these things done. I used to have no energy or motivation but now I have more energy than ever. I even exercise  when the boys are asleep would of never done that before. 

I’m so excited about getting into shape for myself so I can give my all to my family and especially the boys when they start running around because I will need all the energy as they will be very energetic because they are very energetic now. 

I’m only 10 days in but I will be taking these Magic Beans forever and even going to give these to the boys when they are old enough for them. 

I was going to give my dad and mum some magic beans but they order some from me so I’m so excited that I had some imput into helping my parents to have a healthier lifestyle.