Day five of the Magic Beans. 

Last night I went out to watch a movie with other twin mums. We saw BAD Moms. I really enjoyed having some me time. I also had a little bit of lollies and chocolate but I would continue to eat the whole bag but I only had a few handfuls. The magic beans help with sugar cravings for me. 

I also got to have a sleep in today as my parents looked after the boys last night and today. I also jumped out of bed when I had enough sleep and I felt so much better. 

I have also been able to taste food and it is amazing that food tastes so much better now than it did before. 

Before starting these magic beans I had a huge fog surrounding my head and now that has lifted and the world is so bright. I feel like I’m coping with being a mother now than ever. I am absolutely enjoying everything that my life is throwing me. 

These magic beans have help me feel like a normal person rather than just a mum and I don’t have any negativity pulling me down anymore into a hole that I felt I couldn’t get out of. 

Only been taking these  for 5 days but I absolutely feel amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of my life.