My background on me. 

I’m in the blue dress. I look so sad about my weight and being in a photo. I hated photos when I was over weight. (I still have this dress and I have to wrap the ribbon around my waist twice so it fits.)

This is me in the white at about 85 kgs. I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt I belongedfor the first time in ages as I looked like my sisters skinny. 

In 2010 I weighed 120 kgs and I always looked in the mirror and thought I was a beautiful person but when I saw this photo of me at my sisters debut I needed to do something about it because I wasn’t happy and I was on the verge of getting diabetes and or dying because of the food I ate.             

Every day I would go and buy a quarter pounder with chicken nuggets and I would put the chicken nuggets into the burger I would eat this before I would come home and have dinner my mum would prepare for us for family dinner. I decided to research lap band surgery. 

Once I had found a place I liked I went to a information night and I got an appointment with the surgeon to see which surgery would be the best option for me. I went with the gastric banding instead of the sleeve but I should have gone with his recommendation as I don’t think that the lap band was the best option for me but I chose it because I thought cutting half your stomach off was drastic. I had the surgery and I got down to 85 kgs. Which was the smallest I have remembered being in my life. 

I really appreciate that a friend introduced me to JP as I feel like I am going to become a happier,friendly person, I feel like I will and can smile again, I feel like I can  achieve my goal weight with the help from all of you with your motivation to succeed with this dream I have had since 2010 which is 7 years. 

I have been waiting to achieve my goal weight for 7 years. My goal is 70 kgs. I was 105kgs when pregnant with the twin boys  I am already  93.4 kgs and feel so much better than I did when I wasn’t fueling my body with the right foods that help our bodies with  healthy choices and happy faces and not fake ones.