First day of magic beans and how I got on to them. 

Well a couple of weeks ago I decided to do something for me as a new mum. As mother’s we often put ourselves last not because we have to but because we want to so we can help our family. 

I thought I needed something for me. This  program came up from a friend who was there waiting for me to decide that it was right for me to start the journey with Juice Plus. 

Today the 10th of August was my first dose of the magic beans. I will be continuing to work towards all the amazing times I will be able to have with my family because I won’t be sick as often, will help me on my weight loss journey, will help balance hormones from pregnancy and normal day to day life, improves your digestive system, improves work out and recoveries.  

What these beans help to decrease from your life which would be great as we are always sick and not wanting to do anything but us mother’s don’t really have down time. But these magic beans help decrease symptoms like; 
Allergies, Cold and flu symptoms, No need for medicine from your doctor, Reduces stress, Protein damage, Decreases inflammation, Fewer sick days
My goal of having more energy, to sleep better, strong hair, nails that grow. 

Hopefully become a happy bubbly self like I used to be. When your a mother of Twin boys there isn’t much rest as you are constantly busy doing something that needs to get done or needed to get done a week ago. 

I am always here if you need someone to talk to about these Magic Beans. 

I will try to post on the blog to help people who are interested in the magic beans and my journey.